I went alive to Paradise in 2001 afer been lost in the forest of Liselund

Ceci est un article en anglais./ This is an article in English.

In Septembre 2001, I was in Denmark. With a friend of mine and my brother I was in the Liselund Park. We read the travel book saying the forest of Liselund is enchanted.

When I was in the enchanted forest ,I made aloud a wish to have stairs let me climb to the Paradise by talking to hypothetical spirits. My friend asked me « Do you think spirits exist? ». I answered « There is at least two spirits, the Holly Spirit and one spirit who is God! ».

During the walk in the evening, we have been fully lost in the forest that became a labyrinth of trees. After wlaking through the labyrinth trying to find the way to the hostel for several hours, we found a long row of stairs made of wood and mud when I asked spirits to have stairs to Paradise again. At the top the stairs we were walking in the sky at night. Some candles showed us a path finishing to a tunnel to a forest in the sky. The forest was so strange because the clairing was regularly rectangular. My friend told me with you wish we are probably in the Paradise.

I was a bit scared by been in the place where ghosts are. So I asked the ghost to hide and to stay away from us. We walked trough the forest in the sky that is Paradise according to us. We arrived in a huge clearing whit lot of ways connected to the huge clearing.

In the huge clearing we had oracles about friendship in 2021 and we saw angels bringing us a big statue about « Pure Friendship » and 1789 (The writing on the statue was in French and it was « Amitié pure » witch mean « pure friendship. I asked God to see Hell. God shows us a film of people suffering into fire everwhere in Hell. Each persons we saw in Hell was prisonner in one person cabin whithout window. Some of them was crying into fire. In each cabin there was a dead in a huge fire.

After seen the Hell. My friend asked God to see New York especialy the Twin Towers. We saw one the two two towers.

I talk about my experience in French in the article at the adress https://www.groulala.net/2021/01/16/le-paradis-apres-setre-completement-perdu-a-liselund/